Solutions for Treatment Failure: Overview of ERMI Devices

ERMI manufactures and distributes specialty stretching medical devices to improve range of motion following an injury or a surgical procedure to a bodily joint.  Our name, ERMI, stands for End Range of Motion Improvement. 

An orthopedic physician invented our devices in order to improve outcomes for patients with treatment failure: those who develop stiff or “frozen” joints despite usual therapy. Unless they regain range of motion in those joints, these people will have chronic pain and disability, and will be unable to resume normal activities at home and work.

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ERMI devices:

  • Are used in physical rehabilitation, generally in patients’ homes
  • Are available for the shoulder, knee, ankle, and great toe joints.
  • Are designed for use in “outlier cases”–notably the 5- 10% with severe arthrofibrosis, adhesive capsilitis.
  • Are brought in after other treatments have failed, often in an attempt to avoid corrective surgery such as manipulation under anesthesia or lysis of adhesions. 
  • Must be deployed promptly while the abnormal scar tissue inside the joint is still flexible enough to be stretched. Commonly deployed within 60 days or at most 150 days after the inciting event.
  • Create a high intensity stretch – as much force to a joint as a physical therapist can deliver with therapeutic effectiveness – but:
    • for a sustained interval
    • under more controlled conditions
    • without traumatizing the patient
    • without patient guarding  
  • Are prescribed by physicians and often recommended by physical therapists.  



The process goes like this:

  • A physician writes the order and contacts ERMI.
  • ERMI coordinates the pre-authorization process. 
  • ERMI delivers the device to the patient’s home (or the therapist’s clinic), sets it up, and instructs the patient how to use it.  
  • The patient then uses the device in hourly sessions on a daily basis until range of motion has been restored.  (Excellent patient adherence is typical.)
  • ERMI coordinates progress reporting to the payer.
  • ERMI handles all billing and payment. 
  • ERMI guarantees efficacy: --if our device fails to produce measurable improvement when used as directed, we do not charge for it.


ERMI devices are used in clinical facilities as well as in patients’ homes.  ERMI devices are indicated for home use as an adjunct to physical therapy under the following circumstances:

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Medical research continues to support superior results with ERMI’s unique high-intensity devices.

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