Helping people get back to the activities that make their lives as complete as they were before their injury or surgery is our Company’s mission.

In short, our mission is to Improve Motion. And our call to action is to help others ‘Get Motion.’

We want people who face severe motion loss and fail conventional therapy to Get Motion. Our unique high intensity mechanical therapy devices are designed with patients in mind.

Our experience is that when patients actively are involved in their own rehab with our ERMI devices, they are more motivated and more highly satisfied.

Since 1991, ERMI LLC has treated tens of thousands of patients with a focus on those severe motion loss patients who face added challenges beyond conventional therapy after injury and surgery.

We occasionally receive testimonials volunteered by patients and treating clinicians, and have selected some from the last several years that have been meaningful to us. We have eliminated all references that might jeopardize patient privacy, and have all testimonials in secured files. We hope this sample helps provide some additional perspective of the patient’s experience.

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ERMI devices must be prescribed by a physician. ERMI will work with your physician and physical therapy office to complete the necessary paperwork to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance company, and will then, contact you for delivery of the device in most cases.  Once delivered and set up, ERMI bills your insurance company, or payer. Should any remaining co-payment exists, ERMI will balance bill you. At your discretion, you may also want to call your insurance and explain your medical necessity and advocate your case for coverage, if coverage has been denied


ERMI devices are typically used to stretch the affected joint during several sessions throughout the day, usually, 15-30 minutes at a time (or per session), while the patient sits in a comfortable position. The patient usually can read or watch TV during the session.

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The devices are highly adjustable. By changing the settings, the same device can be used for a wide variety of body sizes, shapes, and range of motion deficits. After a trained ERMI representative has set up and adjusted the settings on the device at the patient’s home, there is no need for further adjustment. The angle of stretch is controlled by the design of the device and the manual settings. The amount of stretch is controlled by the patient.


"After having had shoulder manipulation and then a rotator cuff repair, I was at a “no progress” peril in therapy. How fortunate I was to have a chance to use the Flexionater® ! In one week, I made remarkable progress with lateral movements and experienced decreased pain. Within three weeks, I was able to discontinue therapy to use the Flexionater® instead. I only wish I had started the Flexionater® sooner after both procedures. Thank you."

— Wanda B., patient using ERMI Shoulder Flexionater® March 15, 2012

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ERMI LLC believes that patients should be informed. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) presents an educational service for more information.


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