Improving Motion

Any motion loss can affect daily life. Severe motion loss significantly affects lifestyle and daily living. In this way, the emotional state of a patient suffering severe motion loss can also be affected, sometimes even redefining a sense of personal identity.

When motion loss does occur, early recognition and appropriate treatment is absolutely needed to restore normal motion and improve function and quality of life.

ERMI, LLC is committed to advancing research in orthopaedic medicine and to understanding the effectiveness of different treatments for severe motion loss patients. Our vision is to  Improve Motion, and we strive to work with clinicians, and healthcare professionals in partnership to serve patients and achieve superior outcomes. ‘Get Motion’ is our call to action to work with deliberate care, focus, and importance.

We created this section on ‘Improving Motion’ as a destination to help communicate and better inform visitors more about motion loss and ERMI, LLC

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The number one complication of a joint injury is loss of motion. Loss of motion is often due to an excess production of fibrous tissue within the joint called arthrofibrosis. For example, approximately, 11% of ACL and TKA patients develop arthrofibrosis, and we estimate half of these knee patients do not respond to the standard of care and need increased or additional treatment. [Read More]


ERMI Clinical Research

Papotto & Mills January 2012

Treatment of postoperative arthrofibrosis with a HIS home mechanical therapy device was more effective and resulted in significantly improved...

Yenchak, Wilk, Arrigo, Simpson, and Andrews

This case report highlights the clinical decision-making process and management involved in an acute multiple ligamentous knee injury/...

Uhl & Jacobs 2011

The results demonstrated that home exercises, a dynamic splint, and an SPS brace demonstrated lower peak torque than the torque applied by PTs or...

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